My Favourite Football Team

Hi Everyone

My favourite football team if you hadn’t guessed by now is Hawthorn, I like lots of their players especially Buddy Franklin, Cyril Rioli and Luke Hodge.

I also like them because of their song and the way they play as a team.

I have told you my favourite team now you need to tell me yours by adding your vote to the poll I’m running.

I wonder if Hawthorn will be the most popular team?



February 28, 2012. AFL.


  1. Nana and Papa replied:

    Hi George, Papa and Nanas favorite team is the Crows thats because we live in Adelaide, we cant wait until the footy season starts again so we can see our crows beat those Hawks

  2. Grandma replied:

    Hello George
    Go the mighty Bombers! Essendon will be the team to watch this year.
    I think your blog site needs some more red and black!

    • Gypsy 3/4 K replied:

      Hi Georges Grandma,
      I go for the bombers as well and I reckon they should be on the top of the poll. GO BOMBERS

      From Gypsy 3/4K

  3. Grandpa replied:

    Hi George,
    well it looks like the Blues will be on top at the end of your poll. they have been training well and with your young brother also barracking for the Blues I am sure we will be winners. NOW the best way to fix your site is to do everything in BLUE!!!!

    I will be following your blog with great interest.

    • judy and ron replied:

      Hi George hope you get this message. Have a good footy match with the Wallan Magpies this week- hope you kick a goal. What will you do if Buddy comes to the mighty Crows. You will have to join Nana and Papa and barrack for your dad’s team have fun Nana and Papa

  4. Miss Crowther replied:

    Hi George,

    Great blog! I love blogging too. I think you might find that it is quite addictive!

    I don’t really follow the football. I call myself a part time Hawthorn supporter because half the time I forget! The reason I follow Hawthorn is because that was the only place I knew when we first moved to Australia and people at school asked me which team I followed. Hawthorn is where my Dad used to work.

    I am looking forward to following your blog and reading about all the things that happen in the world of George.

    Miss Crowther

  5. Eve replied:

    Hey Geroge neat blog. See you Eve

  6. Gypsy 3/4 K replied:

    Hi George,
    I think you already know that I go for the bombers like my mum. I don’t know the Essodon song do you ?

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